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Following the deployment of 10 country code top level domain nodes in China mainland and overseas in 2011, CNNIC will continue to improve the domain node deployment in three centers of two locations and continue to set up more nodes. Based on the planning and design for large-network improvement in the previous phrase, CNNIC successfully realized reconstruction of the network of the CAS primary data center and separation from the network of Beilong China Network (Beijing) Science and Technology Co., Ltd., with the upgraded platform accommodating around 100 sets of equipment. Moreover, with the introduction of a 200 mb bandwidth feature of China Unicom, the bandwidth of the main computer room is expanded and the backbone network capacity has reached up to one kmb.

CNNIC has newly built another data center in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. The center was completed and put into use in 2011, linked up with the main center via two 2,000 kmb optical fibers. Via the high-end data storage platform, the center achieves real-time sync with the main data center in the same city, greatly enhancing the city disaster preparedness, the core business of the organization, and further expanding the service capacity of the main data center. As for Chengdu Data Center, the secondary operation center in another city, besides expanding it, CNNIC has taken a series of measures like optimizing the Network Topology Design, replacing outdated equipment across the board, upgrading special-fiber bandwidth to attain the Disaster Recovery Object of 100%, five times that of the old platform. 

With regard to new nodes, nine country code top level domain name codes have been built and launched into use, making the number of country code top level domain names reaching 19. The expansion of country code top level domain name nodes has greatly improved the experience of using country code domain names. In enhancing the country code top level domain name analysis capability, the security and stability of the country code DNS is further improved.
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