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The USA shuts down the infected DNS servers, some netizens will lose Internet access
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Date July 9, 2012

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 (Sina Technology) On the morning of July 9, Beijing Time, Federal Bureau of Investigation (hereinafter referred to as “FBI”) will shut down the botnet behind DNSChanger Trojan today, therefore potentially cutting off Internet access to those with infected PCs .

As of last Wednesday, about 250,000 computers were infected with DNSChanger Trojan, including 45,600 in America. This type of Trojan will alter the DNS settings of users, and control routing traffic through a botnet.

FBI and other authorities have controlled the botnet behind DNSChanger, so they use it as the provisional DNS server network temporarily to ensure affected users can maintain access to the Internet. However, the network will be shut down next Monday, meaning that the affected users would temporarily lose Internet connection at that time.

Firstly, users can login website dns-ok.us to check whether their computers are infected. If the computers are infected, users can download the special anti-virus tools of Microsoft, McAfee and Norton to solve the problem.

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