Zhiwei YAN, Member of ICANN CGP and ICANN RSSAC Caucus
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Mr. Zhiwei YAN graduated from the National Engineering Laboratory for next generation Internet interconnection equipment of Beijing Jiaotong University with a Ph.D. degree in engineering in 2011. In July of the same year, he began to work in CNNIC. From April 2013, he has been hired as a special fellow at Waseda University in Japan. His main research director is router security technology and next generation Internet system. Until now he has published more than 70 academic papers, promoted 1 IETF standard and 1 working group proposal, applied for more than 30 patents, assumed 1 youth project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and 2 youth fund projects of Computer Network Information Center of CAS.


As member of ICANN CGP working group, Zhiwei YAN coordinates Japanese and Korean working groups to make the list of Chinese characters for new gTLDs and formulate the mapping rules for Chinese characters and their variants. As member of ICANN RSSAC Caucus working group, Zhiwei YAN analyzes and evaluates the security and stability of current and future DNS root service system. Besides, Zhiwei YAN intensively participates in international academic activities, such as assuming the Session Chair of IEEE Globecom 2014, PC Member of EAI MOBIMEDIA 2015, TPC Member of IEEE ICCCN 2015, TPC Member of IEEE IIT 2015, as well as Publicity Chair and TPC Member of EAI QSHINE 2016.

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